Mallo's Electronic Technologies & Gaming 

Company located in Miami, Florida, dedicated to offering services in many of the branches of Electronic and Electrical Technology.



We can do anything you need!


We have Specialists in Electronics, Electricity,
 Networking, CCTV, Smart-home, Security,  Slot Machines, Arcade  and Amusement Machines with extensive experience.


In our laboratory are the priority repairs, offering and assuring highest quality the finished products

We have extensive experience in the component level repairing.

We are specialized in the removal and replacement of Components Surface mount printed of circuit boards (PCB).


We provide services Repairs, Parts, Assembly, Adjustment, Programming and Technical Support.

Our team has many years of experience in this field.

Our experts and products are here to meet your needs. We are specialists, we not only provide you with high quality products but offer reasonable prices as well.

We strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.


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